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The following example shows the remanufacturing process of the twist beam axle.

1. Each beam prior to being reconditioned is carefully checked to eliminate beams which are unsuitable for remanufacturing due to previous damage such as falling into a hole or hitting a curb - such beams are not repaired by us!

2. After the first stage, we begin to sandblast the beams to reveal defects resulting from over-exploitation (fatigue) and to remove the corrosion centres. Then the torsion bars are checked to eliminate those which are cracked and cannot be reassembled. The needle rolling bearing seats in the control arm or the transverse beams (bearing beam tubes), depending on the construction, are test controlled.

3. Arms, which successfully pass stage II, are examined in terms of geometry (the place of fixing the axles together with the axis control). When the arm is checked it goes into a machining device which processes the bearing seats of the rear beam. The prepared arm awaits the metal bushing to be pressed into, where the original bearings of the highest quality are used - SNR, TIMKEN, INA. Before pressing the needle roller bearings together with sealers, which are a part of a professional repair kit of the rear axle beam, the bearings are cleaned in an ultrasonic machine to remove the invisible dirt, and further are immersed in a special grease designed for needle roller bearings, which ensures long, failure-free functioning. The prepared control arms are sold to authorized services, which prove that they are done nicely!. Vor der Montage-Nadellager sind alle Lager im Ultraschallreiniger gewaschen, um die unsichtbaren Schmutz zu entfernen. Danach alle Lager sind im spezialem Schmiremittel getaucht. Dies sichert eine lange einen störungsfreien Betrieb SO VORBEREITET SCHWINGEN VERKAUFEN WIR ZU AUTORIESIERTE SERVICE- DIES BEDEUTET VIEL!

4. The pivot is one of the most important elements of the rear axle / torsion beam - its quality is equal to reliable, unattended operation of the rear suspension. Our company ensures a long maintenance-free ride thanks to original polished trunnions made ​​of hardened HRC 60 steel. One can enjoy the comfort of the independent suspension system, which is given by a rear torsion beam axle. We also use high-strength steel axle-pins with a higher chromium content, which enables trouble-free maintenance of the suspension. This allowed us to prolong the warranty to 2 years.

5. The rear torsion beam suspension is in one piece. With the help of specialized instruments is now adjusted in terms of height. Then the beam goes to the paint shop where it is coated with anticorrosive paint to protect it from corrosion. Beam after passing all stages of remanufacturing process is once again tested in terms of geometry.